30A, Seaside & Watercolor Weather

How to Prepare for Your Visit

Florida’s weather is notoriously unpredictable, so packing for your 30A vacation should include a goodf measure of flexibility. Of course, a bathing suit is item number one, but depending on the season, you may want additional layers handy. One thing to remember is that you will probably be caught in a rainstorm during your stay, but don’t worry, it will pass quickly.

30A Weather, Season by Season

Whether you are visiting South Walton, Seaside, or Watercolor, Florida, being aware of the seasons can help you stay comfortable during your vacation:

Miramar Beach
overcast clouds
humidity: 88%
wind: 13mph NE
H 68 • L 67
  • Spring (March through May):

    For many Northerners, Florida is a popular Spring Break destination. When visiting the 30A area in spring, expect warm temperatures in the region of 64-86 degrees Fahrenheit. Significant precipitation is somewhat familiar to residents and visitors alike. Even with a little rain, spring is the second busiest season, so bring your swimsuit, flip flops, and a lightweight jacket.

  • Summer (June through August):

    Enjoy sweltering temperatures including high humidity during the middle of the year. With less precipitation, many more visitors make their way to the beauty and serenity of the Emerald Coast.

  • Fall (September through November):

    Probably the slowest time for tourists, fall is an excellent time to visit as the temperatures still reside in the area of 68-88 degrees with a twinge of humidity. Additional precipitation, including a little light snow, can be experienced, and don’t forget that hurricane season happens during the fall. Think about grabbing a pair of pants for those cooler evenings. Enjoy cheaper rates for your 30A rental in this season.

  • Winter (December through February):

    Visiting during the winter months is probably enjoyed more by Northerners than warm weather travelers. The average high at this period is between 61-68 degrees and includes plenty of rain and potential light snow. Warmer dressing is recommended while you catch some fantastic deals on your vacation rental.

Hurricanes and High Tides in 30A

Preparing for a hurricane may be the last idea you think about when planning for your 30A vacation. One resource to check out if you plan on visiting in the fall is the National Hurricane Center. You can keep an eye on potential tropical storms and hurricanes that may affect your trip.

Make the most of your fishing trip when you know the high tide schedule. Be on the lookout for warning flags, so you will have an idea what the conditions are and how it may affect your trip. Your concierge service at your Sandpiper Vacation Rental can give you the information you seek.

Prepare for the Best Trip of Your Life

Be prepared to take in all the sights, sounds, and tastes with a little Seaside weather preparation. No matter which season you choose to visit, remain flexible when packing your getaway case. Just don’t forget your swimsuit and flip flops!

Start planning your Florida vacation today by browsing available vacation rentals! Contact our office for additional assistance and with any questions.